Pellets, clean energy

A renewable and eco-friendly fuel, pellets are a green bio-fuel and one of the best choices for the environment and for your own wellbeing, not to mention the pleasant warmth and view that a fire can provide.

A practical and efficient choice

Pellets are a very popular choice nowadays, above all for the cost-effective warmth
they provide as a fuel with an excellent heat output since they are moisture-free and cost
less than other fuels. They are also a practical option because they are easy
to find, easy to handle and easy to store.

Caminetti a pellet

Pellet-burning fireplaces

The heat generated by fire is within the reach of everyone
thanks to the convenience of pellets. They are easy to use,
highly functional and extremely efficient.

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Stufe a pellet

Pellet-burning stoves

The widest range of pellet stoves, whose
exclusive designs ensure maximum comfort,
high performance and a long service life.

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Programmable operation

Piazzetta pellet appliances have a handy remote control you can use to set when the stove comes on and goes off, during a day and during the week. In addition to this function, pellet appliances also enable you to manage and monitor their operation remotely, by sending a text message or using the App via Wi-Fi.

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Multifuoco® System, the exclusive technology patented by Piazzetta

The Multifuoco System® allows you to maintain an even room temperature, thanks to natural convection currents favoured by drawing the air to be heated from high up and releasing the warmed air at floor level. The Multifuoco® System avoids the layering of heat near the ceiling and ensures heat at floor level (our feet).

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Ducting with the Multifuoco® System

Via a simple ducting system, consisting of small-diameter, flexible pipes, you can also heat other rooms in the house. Heat diffusion is even more comfortable and even, since it is distributed from a number of points, through vents fitted with flow adjusters. Ducting can be made horizontally or vertically, providing heat to the floor above or below.

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Soluzioni thermo

Thermo solutions

Your Thermo pellet-burning fireplace can supplement or replace the boiler in a traditional system, renovating it and improving its operating costs, thanks to the use of a biomass fuel. Models with different forms that share the same structural sturdiness and high performance thanks to the new boiler with a high heat exchange capacity.

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