The range of Piazzetta pellet boilers was conceived to offer appliances that can be easily installed in any type of plant, thanks to their wide range of standard accessories. Special technical devices and the use of high performance materials provide high operational efficiency.

Controlled management

The electronic system monitors the operation of the boiler and manages combustion according to actual demands. If any anomalies occur during operation, the status parameters of the boiler and the plant ancillary devices are measured, allowing correct intervention and the restoration of regular operating conditions. Via the control panel you can also access all the functions and programming of the appliance.

Why choose a Thermo appliance

To redevelop and turn an existing plant into a more economical one. Piazzetta Thermo appliances can provide you with a versatile and functional biomass heating system. In addition to heating the radiators, they can also produce domestic hot water. Rigorous laboratory tests and extensive thermodynamic studies ensure maximum performance and low consumption.

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ACS System

Versions with the built-in ACS system ensure instant hot water for domestic use provided through a plate heat exchanger while the appliance is operating. The system is placed within the housing thus avoiding taking up extra space in addition to making installation easier.

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Structural sturdiness for a long service life

The appliance body is made entirely of steel to ensure a longer useful life and high heating efficiency. In addition, simple regular actions, such as cleaning the firebox and heat exchangers, help to maintain high performance over time. Certification in accordance with EN 303-5.

Efficiency and easy use

Pellet boilers are built for high operating efficiency with their special technical devices and the use of high-performance materials. In additions, the wide range of standard features has been designed to provide maximum compatibility and ease in connecting to heating systems of all types.