Hot radiators with Piazzetta Thermo appliances

Radiators can now be heated with stoves, boilers and fireplaces. The wide range of Piazzetta Thermo solutions can meet all needs, ensuring the highest standards in quality and performance.

The Piazzetta Thermo range includes pellet stoves and boilers, and pellet and wood fireplaces. All Thermo appliances use thermal energy produced by combustion to heat the water in the radiators via internal heat exchangers; they nevertheless allow you to benefit from heat by radiation and enjoy the pleasure of fire in the rooms where they are installed.

Forced ventilation

With a special ventilation Kit, that can be installed in Thermo pellet stoves, you can use your stove to heat radiators and produce hot water, and to distribute heat into the room by forced ventilation.

ACS System

All Thermo appliances are also designed, thanks to an optional kit of the ACS system, to heat water for domestic use. Simply light your stove or fireplace in order to have a hot shower. Conversely, if you also add a puffer tank, you can benefit from a greater hot water capacity even when the appliance is off.

Deflector for maximum efficiency

The deflector in the brazier allows the residual ash that falls inside the brazier to be burnt more effectively, during normal stove operation. In addition to optimizing combustion, this reduces non-combusted material to a minimum and achieves high performance. In this way, cleaning operations become less frequent.

A simple gesture to achieve high performance

A simple daily cleaning task ensures excellent performance at all times, with an optimum level of heat exchange guaranteeing long life for the appliance. It only requires a simple manual operation, without having to remove any components, via a knob that starts the cleaners rotating inside the heat exchanger.

Easy to use

Since it is well equipped with all the necessary components, installation is really easy, as is actually running the appliance. It is possible to set the temperature remotely through a dedicated App, allowing you to control the heat even when you are out.