Thermo pellet stoves

With Piazzetta Thermo pellet stoves you can give yourself the pleasure of the heat you want. Practical and efficient, they provide the perfect combination of comfort and savings. They can supplement or replace a boiler by re-vamping an existing heating system and improving its operating costs; they also allow you to benefit from the warmth of a fire in the rooms where they are installed.

How can you heat with a Thermo pellet stove?

Thermo stoves allow you to have your radiators hot at all times and domestic hot water, ensuring the ideal conditions for your well-being. In addition, with an optional kit, you can also have forced ventilation to heat a room more quickly, even away from the point of air emission.

Programmable operation

Piazzetta pellet appliances have a handy remote control you can use to set when the stove comes on and goes off, during a day and during the week. In addition to this function, pellet appliances also enable you to manage and monitor their operation remotely, by sending a text message or using the App via Wi-Fi.

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Thermo ventilation

Thanks to the optional forced ventilation kit, Thermo pellet stoves offer even more features and comfort in the rooms where they are installed. A product that becomes a valid system solution that can efficiently heat radiators at home and diffuse hot air into a room in a quick and uniform manner.

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ACS System

Versions with the built-in ACS system ensure instant hot water for domestic use provided through a plate heat exchanger while the appliance is operating. The system is placed within the housing thus avoiding taking up extra space in addition to making installation easier.

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facile installazione

Replace or supplement your existing system

Designed for easy combination with different types of plumbing systems, the Thermo pellet stoves feature an electronic system and devices capable of tackling any operating need. The entire series of plumbing components is designed to provide maximum compatibility and ease in connecting to heating systems of all types. A Thermo pellet stove makes it possible to provide heat in an independent manner by using a renewable energy source.

riscaldarsi e godere del piacere del fuoco

To feel warm and enjoy the pleasure of fire.

Thermo pellet stoves allow you to heat with extreme functionality the radiators of the house and produce domestic hot water. They are also renowned for their ease of use, and can in fact be programmed, while the cleaning involves just a simple daily gesture. At the same time they are also design elements. With the claddings in refined Majolica, they manage to bring all the pleasure of fire into your home

riscaldarsi e godere del piacere del fuoco

Efficiency and easy use

Thermo pellet stoves are built for high operating efficiency, with their special technical devices and the use of high-performance materials. Thanks to the considerable thickness of the firebox, we can ensure high thermal exchange and a long service life. The boiler is fully insulated to optimise the heat exchange and eliminate any heat dispersion.