Wood fireboxes

Characterising an environment with the vitality of a wood fire reflects good taste A choice with an eye on tradition but also on ecology to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum emissions. With a wood fireplace you can heat a single room or a whole house, thanks to the innovative Multifuoco® System.

Your personal fireplace

A wide range of fireboxes, one-piece fireboxes and inserts which, in combination with the vast selection of claddings in Majolica, create stylish furnishing masterpieces featuring the time-honoured spectacle of fire.

Wood fireboxes by Piazzetta
Wood fireboxes by Piazzetta
Wood fireboxes by Piazzetta
Wood fireboxes by Piazzetta
Wood fireboxes by Piazzetta

How to heat with a wood fireplace?

Wood-burning fireplaces are designed to heat by natural convection. It can, however, become possible to benefit from other heating modes. Forced ventilation, by installing the Multifuoco® system and Multifuoco® System Plus, or Thermo for heating radiators and also for producing domestic hot water. Find the most suitable system for you.

Research and Innovation with Multifuoco® System

Research and Innovation with Multifuoco® System

Heating your radiators with wood and pellet appliances

Heating your radiators with wood and pellet appliances

canalizzazione caminetto

Ducting with a fireplace to heat the whole house

Practical brazier

Thanks to its particular development, the brazier in Piazzetta fireboxes offers an ample capacity and ease in loading wood. This means greater ease in use, significant combustion quality and an unparalleled view of the fire. Collecting the embers is also highly practical. The ample dimensions also allows the view of the fire to be enhanced to the maximum by offering a wide perspective.

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Structural sturdiness

The sturdiness of Piazzetta appliances is the result of enormous experience and ongoing research. The structural sturdiness, resulting from careful design and top quality, high-thickness steel, ensures long service life of each solution. The products are developed as well as tested in Piazzetta laboratories to check production processes and compliance with international standards.

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Multifuoco® System, the exclusive technology patented by Piazzetta

The Multifuoco System® allows you to maintain an even room temperature, thanks to natural convection currents favoured by drawing the air to be heated from high up and releasing the warmed air at floor level. The Multifuoco® System avoids the layering of heat near the ceiling and ensures heat at floor level (our feet).

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Wood-burning inserts to transform your fireplace

The IL wood inserts allow you to transform a traditional open fireplace into a more modern and functional one. Fireboxes manufactured with ultra modern technologies, sized in such a way as to give a new lease of life to your old fireplace, and also perfect for first installations.

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Technology for top performance

Wood-burning fireboxes by Piazzetta, with particularly high performance and easy to install, are renowned for their cutting-edge solutions that guarantee high yields and low emissions into the atmosphere. The tertiary air preheating system, the use of Aluker® for the internal cladding, and a large and practical brazier are their exclusive, distinguishing features.

Main features

Multifuoco System
Multifuoco Plus ducting
Ash box
Tertiary air
Easy cleaning
Steel structure
Ambient Heat Output
External air kit
Rise n'fall door
Ventilation kit
Aluker brazer
Cast iron brazier and aluker firebox

Range of products

Perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and clean design lines. This line of fireboxes offers countless installation solutions even in limited spaces. New modern forms and screen-printed glass enclose the fire, making it the distinctive feature of the home.
MC Plus compact firebox
A new generation of wood fireboxes developed according to Ecodesign. High efficiency heat exchangers ensure top performance. Airtight one-piece fireboxes with external air intake, without using up oxygen in the room. Perfect for passive houses or those fitted with mechanical ventilation (VCM).
A series of wood-burning fireboxes that offer countless installation solutions thanks to extremely linear profiles. New modern forms and screen-printed glass enclose the fire, making it the distinctive feature of the home. Large hearth and dual system for pre-heated tertiary air that optimises combustion and performance. Reversible door with concealed handle.

A new range of wood-burning fireboxes with a flair for design. A door with clean lines and thin profiles. New innovative and precision rise and fall door. Fire chamber completely dressed in Aluker®, an integrated smoke register. A compact and reduced height upper heat exchanger, for easy installation. 

This line combines the generously spacious dimensions of a traditional wood-burning firebox, with a modern design and highly-functional vertically-sliding door. If you keep the door open a little.

In the MA SL Plus wood-burning fireplaces, the project merges: the generous size typical of the traditional wood-burning firebox and an advanced design thanks to the opening with the sliding door that makes it particularly functional.

IL wood-burning inserts are specially designed to be installed in existing traditional fireplaces, improving their performance and safety and making them easier to use. They are also ideal for first-time installations. The system for the calibrated flow of primary air and the dual system for tertiary air optimise performance.