ME 90

Wood-burning firebox with a rise and a fall door, an all Aluker® fire chamber, high efficiency. A lowered and compact heat exchanger. 

Piazzetta's ME 90 is a wood-burning fireboxes with an innovative and calibrated rise and fall door. Available in natural convection or with the forced air, single or dual fan Multifuoco® System or Multifuoco System Plus.



Tradition and innovation to enjoy classic wood fire.

wood for stoves and fireplaces Piazzetta

Ecodesign 2022

The objective of Ecodesign 2022 is to increase energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Piazzetta had already embarked on this path some time before, developing new product lines that include important innovations which comply with environmentally-friendly manufacturing requirements. 

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High efficiency smoke exchanger

To optimize performance of the new range of fireplaces, they are equipped with an top end smoke exchanger, two tubular heat exchangers and a deflector located inside the firebox. This allows to further improve performance in terms of power and efficiency, with significant decrease in fuel consumption.

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Aluker®, exclusive ceramic material by Piazzetta.

Piazzetta fireboxes are made with Aluker®, the exclusive ceramic material patented by Piazzetta, which improves combustion and heat diffusion, thereby increasing the operating efficiency of the firebox. The light colour of this material remains like that over time, making the view of the fire even more pleasant and always brilliant and alive.

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Main features

Steel structure
Rise n'fall door
Automatic cleaning
Ash box
Manual damper flue
Secondary air
Ceramic glass
Natural heating
Primary air
Cast iron brazer
External air kit
Top flue outlet
Steel door


Heat Exchanger
Multifuoco ducting
Levelling feet
Adjustable feet
Multifuoco Plus ducting
External air kit
Double Multifuoco Plus Ducting

Technical data

ME 90 ME 90
Energy efficiency class A+ A+
Rated output 14,0 kW 14,0 kW
Efficiency 86,0 % 86,0 %
Heatable volume 235 - 400 m³ 235 - 400 m³
Wood consumption 4,0 kg/h 4,0 kg/h
Ø Flue outlet 25 cm 25 cm

Product weight: 295 kg

Product measures (LxPxH): 107 x 67 x 174

Environmental Certifications

Declaration of performance

* Please carefully read all the documentation and information supplied with the product itself and any accessories. If there are any problems or doubts, contact your local dealer or authorized Technical Assistance Center.

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