Your view of the fire becomes even brighter with Aluker®

Piazzetta fireboxes are made with Aluker®, the exclusive ceramic material patented by Piazzetta, which improves combustion and heat diffusion, thereby increasing the operating efficiency of the firebox

Main characteristics of Aluker®

Excellent resistance to high temperatures over time and to any heat stress situations.

Extraordinary capacity to store and reflect heat which allows high operating temperatures, with maximum efficiency results and reduced atmospheric emissions.

Easy combustion recovery between one fuel load and the next, thanks to the high temperature which is maintained within the firebox.

Excellent reliability over time and easy maintenance.

A material that enhances your view of the fire

The light colour of Aluker®, remains like that over time, thanks to the pyrolysis process that at high temperatures keeps its surface clean, making the view of the fire even more pleasant and always brilliant and alive.