A collection, not mere objects, but elements with character. An innovative architectural solution, capable of developing a new idea of home around the fire.

Panoramic, the fascination of fire in all its beauty

Discover Panoramic, the perfect synthesis of design and technological research. Refined and exclusive design, maximum attention to detail, passion for fire: all this has given rise to Panoramic.

Supporto e assistenza per stufe, caminetti e caldaie Piazzetta


Choose one of the models in the Panoramic Collection

A wide range of solutions for furnishing in style, allowing yourself the great pleasure of being pampered by fire.

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Supporto e assistenza per stufe, caminetti e caldaie Piazzetta


Choose a fireplace and create your own Panoramic

The fireplace, the technological heart and centre of the fire show, is available in several shapes and installation possibilities.

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Customised design and realisation

A customised service is provided when choosing and installing a Panoramic product. Every single installation is a dedicated project for us. This includes a preventive inspection by specialised personnel, in-house design of all installation elements, installation carried out directly by the company, and after-sales service guaranteed for life.

Panoramic Collection

It brings the magic and evocative beauty of fire into any environment.

Refined design

Elegant shapes, perfect and harmonious geometries, each element is studied and designed to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Not just a simple fireplace but possible stylish solutions. You can choose the shape and finish to incorporate Panoramic into your preferred setting. Choosing to install a Panoramic fireplace means making a room exclusive through the presence of a valuable piece of furniture and the pleasure of fire.


Exclusive technology

Charm, innovation, practicality, all this is Panoramic. Every detail is a detail.

The design makes it a unique and exclusive choice for a fireplace of great aesthetic impact. Technically it is characterised by: the firebox with its large fire plane, the glass of refined manufacture composed of two sections; independent movement of the glass panes with an electronically controlled system; sensors that monitor the controlled opening and closing of the glass panes. For an always unique experience.


Handcrafted Majolica

Exclusive, original and unique coverings. Each piece is an expression of creativity and passion.

Quality that combines beauty for the eyes and pleasure to the touch. The art of Maiolica craftsmanship allows us to produce large-format wall tiles in over 40 colours and different finishes.


The Spectacle of Fire

The elegant Panoramic fireboxes are characterised by a brazier developed to be the natural seat that accommodates the fire in the most natural way.

It is thanks to the specific design of the firebox that the fire can always express itself in its full beauty. The original log guard offers composure to the flame and practicality in the arrangement of the logs, concentrating the embers. This detail also makes a Panoramic fireplace particularly functional.


Sinuous lines

Elegant shapes and large dimensions characterise the Panoramic collection.

You can customise your fireplace with infinite combinations for design solutions that enhance any environment. The considerable size of the 360° ceramic glass enhances the vision of the fire, which becomes the protagonist of the entire environment around it.