E228 K

Wood and Pellet Stove E228 K, for Wall/Corner installation

A large-size stove with a hybrid firebox: wood-and pellet-burning. The majolica of the large panels is finely worked with bas-relief decorations enriching the finish. The upper surface of the bench is mounted on a rolling top for easy access to the pellet tank.



Performance and savings, the optimum solution for bringing warmth to the home.

Pellets for Stoves and Fireplaces Piazzetta

Construction technology

The design characteristics of the Infinity Plus range ensure the maximum performances for the category. The one-piece firebox is hermetic and allows for drawing combustion air from the outside; it is made of Aluker, an exclusive ceramic material patented by Piazzetta that improves combustion and heat diffusion

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My Piazzetta app

The My Piazzetta app can be used to monitor pellet- and wood-based operation and programme the switching on and off sequences remotely, using the standard Wi-Fi device. The My Piazzetta app can be comfortably used also from home, via Bluetooth.

Two fuels, a single stove

An Infinity Plus Line stove – that allows for heating with both wood and pellets; the switch from one fuel to the other occurs without interrupting the stove’s operation, for maximum comfort and practical use. Although their operation is controlled electronically, Infinity stoves can function regularly even without electricity, by heating with wood. 

Main features

Pellet/Wood Hybrid
Fuel level sensor
Natural mode
Draft Control
Warming charging wood
APP WI-FI bluetooth
Remote control LCD
Multicomfort Plus
Safety Door/Hopper
Pellet quality system
Radiant Majolica
Continuous Operation
Air Combustion System
Natural draft


Multifuoco ducting

Available colours

Technical data

Product weight: 574 kg

Product measures (LxPxH): 128,2 x 63,3 x 164,5

EU Product sheet

Environmental Certifications

Technical drawings

Declaration of performance

Energy class label

* Please carefully read all the documentation and information supplied with the product itself and any accessories. If there are any problems or doubts, contact your local dealer or authorized Technical Assistance Center.