Infinity Plus Line, the revolutionary hybrid heating system

With wood or pellets, from now on you can heat the entire home with a single duel-fuel stove. The practicality of pellet-based operation combines with wood-fired heating: the end result is a hybrid stove boasting high performances.

Continuous heat

The choice is yours only: you decide whether to use pellets or wood to heat. With a hybrid stove, you can remotely programme – through the standard My Piazzetta app – the pellet-based ignition of the stove to find a warmly enveloping environment upon returning home. You can then switch to the crackling sound of wood by simply loading logs and the stove will detect the change of fuel. Switching between the two heating modes occurs automatically, without any interruption. Control of the hybrid operation is fully electronic thanks to the Infinity Control System (ICS), which guarantees maximum efficiency during both pellet- and wood-based heating. 

A single stove, three heating modes

Apart from choosing whether to heat with wood or pellets, you can also decide how to diffuse the heat.

With forced

Thanks to the Multifuoco® System, the heat spreads from floor to the ceiling evenly and rapidly, even in areas that are relatively far from the point of installation. Moreover, you can integrate a ducting system to heat multiple rooms, even if they are located on different floors.


With natural

With an Infinity stove, you can also heat with natural convection, a system that triggers the movement of air by exploiting the temperature differences in the environment. The benefits of this type of heating can also be exploited using stoves equipped with the Multifuoco® System: a simple click is enough to switch off the forced ventilation.


With Heat Storage System (HSS)

The Heat Storage System is used to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the room for over ten hours after the fire dies out. This is possible thanks to the special material situated in the stove body, capable of trapping the heat and diffusing it in the room gradually.


Natural draught

The exhaust fumes generated by Infinity hybrid stoves are expelled in an entirely natural way. This is possible thanks to the absence of a fume extractor during both pellet- and wood-based operation. This absolute novelty enables you to heat the home in an utterly silent way. 

Construction design

The design of the Infinity Plus Line incorporates solutions and systems capable of enhancing the stove’s operation and facilitate its management, including routine maintenance. 

Innovative brazier

Infinity stoves mount a raised pellet brazier to afford a full and more pleasant view of the flame, also during pellet-based operation. Its special design improves combustion and the flame quality, substantially reducing the ash residues. This allows for extending the interval between two consecutive cleaning cycles to 15 days.


Wood firebox

Thanks to the broad dimensions of the wood firebox and the raised structure of the brazier, wood logs can be introduced very easily. A selector positioned below the firebox door can be used to manually manage the entry of combustion air into the combustion chamber. You can therefore adjust the intensity of the flame, thus optimising performance and lowering consumption. 


Pellet tank

The pellet loading operation is facilitated by the position of the tank, which is located in the base of the stove. A safety device allows for opening the door only after activating an unlocking control. 


Pellet Quality System

This system allows for always optimising the fuel performance. Depending on the pellet characteristics, the remote control can be adjusted for improved flame combustion.


Innovation for maximum comfort

The Infinity Plus range includes a series of electronic devices that constantly monitor the parameters while the stove is on. These innovative systems are accompanied by an exclusive novelty: a sensor that detects any obstructions in the flue or malfunctions to the fume expulsion system. In case of anomalies, the stove emits a buzzer accompanied by a message on the remote control. Should this occur during pellet-based operation, the combustion will switch off automatically. In this way, you will be assured to have safe conditions at all times, so you can enjoy the heat of your stove in absolute tranquillity. 

Multicomfort Plus

The Multicomfort Plus function allows for setting a specific temperature in another room – heated with a ducted system – besides the one where the stove is installed. The room temperature can also be measured using an external thermostat, which must be connected directly to the stove’s electronic PCB.