E128 A

Wood Stove model E128 A with Steel cladding, for Wall/Corner installation

A stove featuring an innovative design with a raised firebox to enjoy the beautiful view of the fire even more. Cladded in Steel with the top in Majolica, available in Bianco or Nero Opaco. Adjustable, front hot air vent Also available in an airtight version with combustion air drawn from the outside and with the BCS System. 



Tradition and innovation to enjoy classic wood fire.

wood for stoves and fireplaces Piazzetta

Airtight Fireboxes

Appliances with airtight fireboxes are designed to maintain better quality air in the room and to ensure high performance and efficiency. Drawing combustion air from the outside avoids using up the oxygen in the room where the appliance is installed. They are suitable for all types of homes and are the perfect solution for passive houses that cannot have a traditional type of external air inlet.

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Aluker®, exclusive ceramic material by Piazzetta.

Piazzetta fireboxes are made with Aluker®, the exclusive ceramic material patented by Piazzetta, which improves combustion and heat diffusion, thereby increasing the operating efficiency of the firebox. The light colour of this material remains like that over time, making the view of the fire even more pleasant and always brilliant and alive.

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Heating with natural convection

This is the most traditional method of heating, which exploits the differences in room temperature to trigger the movement of air. The advantage of this technology is its utmost silence because the heat is spread through natural convection movements, without the aid of a ventilation motor.

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Main features

Air wash
Tertiary air
Outside air electronic control
Multifuoco System 4 levels
Ash box
Rear flue outlet
Front ventilation
Majolica and steel
Natural heating
Upper flue outlet
Primary e Secondary air adjustable



Available colours

Technical data

E128 A BCS a convezione naturale E128 A con Multifuoco System® Plus di serie E128 A con Multifuoco System® di serie E128 A a convezione naturale E128 A BCS con Multifuoco System® Plus di serie
Energy efficiency class A+ A+ A+ A+ A+
Rated output 5,5 - 11,1 kW 5,5 - 11 kW 5,5 - 11 kW 5,5 - 11 kW 5,5 - 11 kW
Efficiency 84,8 - 86,6 % 84,3 - 87,4 % 84,3 - 87,4 % 83,1 - 86 % 85,5 - 87,2 %
Heatable volume 185 - 320 m³ 185 - 315 m³ 185 - 315 m³ 185 - 315 m³ 185 - 315 m³
Wood consumption 1,4 - 2,9 kg/h 1,4 - 2,8 kg/h 1,4 - 2,8 kg/h 1,5 - 2,9 kg/h 1,4 - 2,8 kg/h
Ø Flue outlet 15 cm 15 cm 15 cm 15 cm 15 cm

Product weight: Please refer to product sheet

Product measures (LxPxH): 57 x 45 x 141