Airtight fireboxes for greener homes

Choosing to draw combustion air from the outside means making a quality choice for one’s own well-being. In effect, it avoids using up the oxygen in the room where the appliance is installed.

Airtight fireboxes

An appliance with an airtight firebox does not use up any oxygen from the room, because the combustion air is taken directly from outside, and it also avoids you having to install unsightly vents on the outside walls of the house. This solution also has the advantage of not causing heat dispersion, not even minimally.

Less consumption and greater savings

Choosing an airtight stove means making a green choice that is beneficial for the environment and also for your own well-being. Buying an airtight appliance also has an advantage with consumption and thus lower costs thanks to greater efficiency. Cold air entering the room forces the stove to produce more heat, which turns into higher consumption in order to maintain an ideal temperature. With an airtight firebox this problem does not exist and this means less consumption and greater savings.