Wood stove model ORTISEI with natural convection and Majolica cladding, for Wall/Corner installation, Energy class A+

A large double casing in Majolica, with two levels for maximum radiated heat output to ensure long lasting comfort. Available in the following colours: Bianco, Blu Verdemare, Canapa, Terra Bruna and Verde Mirto or Bianco Antico with hand-painted decorations. Adjustable, front hot air vent Also available in the BCS version.



Tradition and innovation to enjoy classic wood fire.

wood for stoves and fireplaces Piazzetta

Electronic management of a wood fire

Thanks to the Burn Control System, the flame is automatically adjusted by remote control. This feature allows you to optimise combustion and prolong operation between one load and the next. More specifically, the BCS system allows you to electronically control the combustion air fed to the firebox. A lower quantity of air leads to a slowdown in combustion, flame reduction and lower consumption.

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Ducting with the Multifuoco® System

The Multifuoco System® allows you to maintain an even room temperature, thanks to natural convection currents. It avoids the layering of heat near the ceiling and ensures heat at floor level (our feet). Via a simple ducting system, consisting of small-diameter, flexible pipes, you can also heat other rooms in the house, even on different floors.

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Hand-crafted Majolica.

The traditional artistry displayed in working with Majolica allows us to produce items that are truly unique. Technology meets a material is still hand-crafted. It is poured into moulds, slowly dried and painted by hand, requiring a processing of at least 15 days. Available in more than 40 colours and with different finishes, made exclusively in Europe's largest Majolica production facility.

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Main features

Natural heating
Tertiary air
Cast iron brazier and aluker firebox
Cast iron door
Ash box
Air wash
Rear flue outlet
Top flue outlet
Adjustable air flow


Multifuoco ducting 10M
Multifuoco Plus ducting 10M
External air kit

Available colours

Technical data

Monoblocco a legna SL30 Monoblocco SL30 Ermetico Burn Control System
Energy efficiency class A+ A+
Rated output 5,5 - 11 kW 5,5 - 11,1 kW
Efficiency 83,1 - 86 % 84,8 - 86,6 %
Heatable volume 185 - 315 m³ 185 - 320 m³
Wood consumption 1,5 - 2,9 kg/h 1,4 - 2,9 kg/h
Ø Flue outlet 15 cm 15 cm

Product weight: Please refer to product sheet

Product measures (LxPxH): 100 x 58 x 146,7

Environmental Certifications

* Please carefully read all the documentation and information supplied with the product itself and any accessories. If there are any problems or doubts, contact your local dealer or authorized Technical Assistance Center.