Wood stoves are now technological.

With the Multifuoco® Plus and the Burn Control System innovation and electronics also combine with wood appliances.

Multifuoco® Plus

It is a technology dedicated exclusively to wood stoves and fireplaces. It allows you to constantly monitor the operation of the room ventilation unit via an electronic board that communicates with the LCD remote control which is fitted with a special probe for measuring and monitoring the temperature.

For the right comfort throughout your home, the management is divided into:


Ventilation starts with the appliance on, when the probe detects the set start-up temperature. Ventilation switches off when the pre-set room temperature has been reached.



The fan can be switched on by remote control even if the set temperature threshold for automatic start-up has not been reached. When the desired heat level has been reached, the fan will move to automatic operation mode.



This type of management follows the same dynamics as automatic operation with the plus function, so you can decide whether to set it at minimum or to turn it off without waiting for the threshold temperature to be reached.


BCS, Burn Control System

Thanks to the Burn Control System, the flame is automatically adjusted by remote control. This feature allows you to optimise combustion and prolong operation between one load and the next.

More specifically, the BCS system allows you to electronically control by remote control the combustion air fed to the firebox. The control can be automatic or assisted. A lower quantity of air leads to a slowdown in combustion reducing the flames and consequently also the fuel consumption. 

Operation is simple and is divided into three modes:


It allows you to regulate the opening of the combustion air valve via remote control.



This allows you to choose between five different power levels according to which the stove/fireplace will automatically control the level of combustion air.



You select the temperature desired in the room and based on this the stove/fireplace will open or close the valve to increase or decrease the flame.


The pleasure of wood and the practicality of automatic control

The Burn Control System allows you to receive audible messages or messages on the display regarding the operation of your wood stove. It tells you, for example, the perfect time to load the wood or avoids overheating due to excessive loading and adjusts itself accordingly. A system that ensures top performance and low consumption.