Premium Plus Line: a new generation of pellet stoves

Premium Plus Line: a new generation of pellet stoves

Wed, 26/06/2019 - 14:32

The range of pellet stoves is further extended with the introduction of Premium Plus Line, a new line of pellet stoves featuring new systems and technologies to enhance the quality of indoor heating.

What are the main new features?

An innovative brazier, designed with an internal deflector which allows for the recovery of ash and unburnt residues, keeping the glass and firebox cleaner. This innovative mechanism means that ash residues are reduced by up to 50% and that there is no need to clean as frequently - up to 15 days between one cleaning operation and the next.

Multicomfort Plus is the feature that allows you to manage the stove’s two Multifuoco motors separately in order to heat multiple rooms with different temperatures, set according to your personal needs.

Pellet Quality System allows you to optimise fuel performance and efficiency at all times. Depending on the pellet characteristics, the remote control can be used to comfortably adjust the stove’s operation and improve combustion of the flame. Furthermore, the fine calibration of the combustion air – thanks to the Air Quality System – allows the stove’s performance to be improved.

But there is plenty more to see, if you go to the relevant page and discover all the features of the Premium Plus Line.