Solutions that enhance the spectacle of fire

The Piazzetta solutions have been studied to create the right atmosphere in the setting where they are installed. Anyone choosing a fireplace or stove is making a decision to bring the inimitable charm of fire into their living area: a view that is amplified and made to stand out even more thanks to the special design refinements.

Fire from many angles

The double-sided and Panoramic fireplaces, due to their special structure, can be used in various settings, affording a wide view of the fire from many angles. The double-sided ones can partition an open space, such as the dining room from the living room, allowing the spectacle of the fire on both sides. Conversely, Panoramic ones afford an all-round spectacular view, readily enjoyed from several points in the room where you decide to place it.

Wide view of the fire

Any room immediately becomes more welcoming with the view of an open fire. With a Piazzetta appliance, fitted with a large glass front, you can enhance the spectacle of a burning fire even more. Choosing a Piazzetta stove or fireplace does not only mean bringing a valid heating system into your home but also a product with unique design.

Directing the view of the fire

Some stove models are also provided with the ability to rotate the base so as to appreciate the pleasing view of the fire from where you like. The range of rotation is a matter of personal choice and can be set to suit specific needs. In this way, a stove can also make it possible to enjoy the view of the fire from many angles.