Solutions for heating spaces of different sizes

With Piazzetta products you can heat different settings; large-sized premises, multiple rooms or the whole house. Fireplaces, stoves and Alpine stoves are designed taking account of all design requirements, from a flat to a detached house and from the office to a pub or restaurant.

Diverse soluzioni di stufe e caminetti per esigenze specifiche

Various solutions for specific needs

With natural convection, radiation, forced ventilation, storage heat and Thermo; you can decide to distribute the heat throughout your house in various ways, depending on your specific needs.

Riscaldare e ventilare con una stufa a pellet o a legna

Multifuoco® System for
forced ventilation heating.

To heat the whole house and a number of rooms, a forced ventilation solution like the Multifuoco® System is the ideal choice because it allows you to distribute heat quickly and away from the point of air emission. And with the ducting system, you can take the hot air to a number of rooms, even on different floors.

Soluzioni per risaldare l'acqua dei termosifoni con una stufa

Thermo for heating
your radiators

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a heating solution that will allow you to use radiators, then the Thermo appliances are the answer for you. Thanks to the special heat exchangers, the heat produced by a stove or fireplace is transferred to the water in the radiator circuit in your home. You can also heat water for domestic purposes, simply by adding an DHW kit or a puffer tank.

Wood, pellets or gas

Piazzetta provides you with the opportunity of heating the interior in different ways and choosing between different fuels: wood, pellets and gas so as to meet all needs. Even the details and the very design are developed with this goal in mind.

Stufe compatte per spazi piccoli

Compact size for small spaces

Piazzetta has the solution even when space is an issue. “Slim” stoves are stoves that are compact in size and have a greater width but very modest depth, so that they can fit into small rooms or corridors. Their heating capacity is the same as a normal stove, and they can also spread heat to a number of rooms; the only thing they change is their dimensions that are more modest. In addition, slim stoves offer the possibility of lateral hot air emission. In this way, you can also install the stove in corridors or narrow spaces and distribute the heat efficiently.

Ad hoc solutions

The Piazzetta range of products does not finish here: it offers various dedicated solutions to address specific needs and to meet various design requirements.