Radiant Majolica, a Prestige detail

Majolica is one of the distinctive characteristics of our range. It is a highly versatile material that provides visual appeal but also plays an important functional role. It is known most of all for its ability to retain heat and then to slowly release it for many hours.

For gradual warmth

Stoves in the Piazzetta Prestige range are covered with panels of radiant Majolica, designed to recover heat from the flue gases and provide an even more efficient heating through radiation. So radiant Majolica transmits its retained heat in a constant and uniform manner throughout the room, releasing a pleasant warmth even after the flame has gone out.

Heating through radiation

There are various advantages of heating like the one just described. It is primarily a kind of heat on the same wavelength as that of the Sun which is transmitted directly from the surface of the Majolica to the person. It also reduces the formation of air currents because radiated heat does not tend to rise towards the ceiling (leaving the floor cold), but is spread horizontally from its source.