Our pellet appliances ensure long, independent operation

One of the reasons that convinces people to buy pellet-burning stoves or fireplaces is their easy and practical use.

Easy loading

The sliding top of the stove called Rolling Top, made of Majolica, ensures simple opening and closing so you can easily refill your stove when it warns you it needs to be topped up. In addition to functional features, Rolling Top succeeds in giving greater uniformity to the stove in terms of visual appeal, providing seamless ceramic sinuosity in following its shapes and lines perfectly.


Long, independent operation

You do not need to continually load your stove because it can operate for a long time without being topped up. A large tank can even ensure you more than 40 hours of operation without having to top up your stove or fireplace.


Top-up warning

Stoves and fireplaces both display a warning when they need to be topped up. A sensor in the tank allows the pellet level to be monitored constantly and it warns you when it reaches minimum level, with an audible alarm and a message on the remote control.


Choosing Piazzetta means choosing quality

Piazzetta pellet stoves and fireplaces were conceived to give you maximum comfort. The construction details, technologies used, selected materials are all aspects that have been carefully studied and developed in order to enhance the well-being of those who choose to put their trust in a Piazzetta appliance.