Indulge in true comfort with a pellet stove

Buying a pellet stove means indulging in total comfort that combines the enjoyment and view of a fire with the convenience and traditional easy use of pellet appliances.

Natural Mode

The wide range of Piazzetta pellet stoves are fitted with the innovative Multifuoco® System technology for forced ventilation heating that allows you to distribute heat uniformly even in large-sized rooms. With the Natural Mode feature, you can turn off the forced ventilation system and enjoy natural convection heating, which triggers natural air movement by exploiting the temperature differences in the room. In this way, the heat is distributed more gradually and in an ultra silent mode. With Natural Mode, you have the confidence of being able to create the right atmosphere at home to really relax.


The convenience of a pellet stove lies in its easy regulation using electronic management. The Multicomfort feature also enables you to measure the heat level in the room where the remote control is located with its thermostat, and consequently to adjust the flame power so as to bring the desired room up to your ideal temperature.

Energy Saving

With Energy Saving, once the set room temperature has been reached, the stove turns itself off and then turns on again automatically as soon as the temperature falls below the set value. Thanks to this feature, consumption will be reduced to guarantee you maximum savings.



To increase your level of comfort, Piazzetta has decided to include a humidifier with a stainless steel tank. In this way, you are sure to have the right level of humidity in the air. In addition, you can use scented fragrances to make the room feel even more welcoming.