Fire Week 2020

Fire Week 2020

Thu, 26/03/2020 - 09:23

There is a tradition at Gruppo Piazzetta that is called Fire Week. An event held every two years with the desire to spend quality time with their collaborators, suppliers and retailers to discuss and see new ideas, projects and celebrate the results obtained together. This year, however, this event had a different flavor because Piazzetta reached a milestone of sixty years of activity.

Fire week 2020 was special, different and surprising. We would like to share with you what took place.

Wednesday, February 19 Gruppo Piazzetta opened their showroom doors. A three roomed showroom hosted in one area some of our existing products. An entire room was instead dedicated to the new features coming soon to retailers: products with a technological and innovative heart to meet new market needs all with an unmistakable design that distinguishes us all over the world.

But Fire week wasn't just that.

Our sixty years celebration deserved a touch of greatness. As evening approached, our factory transformed into a place of entertainment where you could relax, feel good, and create even stronger ties: an "In-house" atmosphere where one big family gathered. Evenings of good food along with a group of phenomenal artists who were able to make this 5 day Fire Week event unforgettable and different.

The theme of each evening was, of course, fire: from the accompanying flames of our fireplaces, to the artist's clothes which interpreted the amber nuances of the fire; everything was expertly designed and executed to highlight Piazzetta's continual passion for fire.

As in all anniversaries the tradition cake was not be left out. On Sunday 23 February Fireweek 2020 ended with a many thanks to all, followed by good-byes until the next Fire Week.