New Piazzetta web site

Piazzetta has restyled its website with a totally new look

Wed, 27/03/2019 - 11:32

Piazzetta has restyled its website with a totally new look, both in layout and content. A new communication project with useful information and links for end users, project managers, designers and dealers. News, support with purchasing, useful solutions to help you to keep up-to-date on the world of warmth. Enter and take a look.

The new Piazzetta website is a new way of being on-line. More information and more images that talk about our style. Different ways to browse and search for your perfect appliance.

Products menu

Allowing you to browse through families and their subfamilies, until you get to the chosen product page. You can also browse according to the fuel used: Pellets, Wood or Gas.

Solutions menu

This section contains many topics of general interest with extra information, which you can also reach from the category pages

Support menu

Detailed background information and useful links for end users and dealers

News menu

Our digital magazine Around the Fire, and news of events, marketing, regulations and products

Company menu

The history and major values of the Piazzetta Group.

Product page - Each product page describes the general characteristics and you can also find details of the main technical features. For more detailed information, you can download a .pdf file including a technical drawing.

This is the new Piazzetta website: a significant communication project aimed at a wide audience. For those who already know and love Piazzetta and for those about to do the same.