Trend Line P: comfort, efficiency and reliability

New range of Piazzetta pellet stoves - Trend Line P

Fri, 01/03/2019 - 15:39

The new range of Piazzetta Trend Line P pellet stoves is now available in the versions with refined Majolica cladding and also with elegantly-finished steel  cladding. The sturdy construction, high standards and top performance of Piazzetta products is now also available on simplified appliances. Maximum comfort and ease of use characterise the entire range.

The stoves in the Trend Line P range are latest-generation pellet stoves that feature, as specified in the certifications obtained, limited consumption and very high (90%) efficiency levels, thanks to a high-performance firebox originating from Piazzetta’s on-going research and innovation. They stand out from the rest due  to the exclusive Multifuoco® forced ventilation system – a standard feature – and include the possibility of hot air ducting. The ducting system allows for channelling the hot air through flexible, easy-to-install pipes with modest diameter (75 mm).

The P163 model in the new Trend Line P range is a latest-generation stove with A+  energy rating in accordance with the ENERGY LABEL regulation (in force since January 2018 and mandatory in EU countries) and 4 STARS according to the Environmental Certification required by Regions in Italy’s Po Basin.

The P163 range is equipped with the Trend Power system that ensures separate control of the two fans. They are equipped with a digital panel mounted on the machine that functions as a timer-controlled thermostat and programmer, and an optional remote control. The standard features include the ECO and Energy Saving functions, which respectively modulate the flame power and intensity and automatically shut down and restart the stove, ensuring substantial energy saving. With the Natural Model feature, the stove remains on but the hot air fan can be switched off and the heat is then distributed by natural convection with the utmost silence. In addition to these features, there is the Remote Control System Kit for remotely controlling the stove with a simple text message and the Wi-Fi kit, which can be managed via an App.

The linear cladding and profile of the forms ensure that the stove blends in perfectly with modern furnishing trends. This model is available with Hand-crafted fine Majolica cladding (model P163 MM) and with coated Steel cladding with Majolica insert (P163 M, in the picture). It can heat a volume of up to 315 m3 and the firebox has a thermal power of 11.3 kW. To encourage the replacement of old products that send high emissions into the atmosphere with latest-generation solutions offering higher performances, the government has devised the so-called Conto Termico: it is a grant amounting to as much as 65% of the cost for the purchase of stoves, boiler-fireplaces and biomass boilers that fulfil special requirements and are installed to replace certain types of existing heating systems.