P960 F

Pellet Stove model P960 F with Majolica cladding, for Wall/Corner installation, Energy class A+. It is fitted with the Multifuoco System.

Besides being a functional Pellet stove, it is also fitted with a practical stainless steel oven to cook dishes with the natural heat generated by combustion. The cooking temperatures can be programmed. Cladded in Majolica in the following colours: Bianco Meringa, Terra Oriente, Rosso, Grigio Ferro, Bordeaux and Blu Antico. Front, adjustable vent.



Performance and savings, the optimum solution for bringing warmth to the home.

Pellets for Stoves and Fireplaces Piazzetta

For cooking and heating

The range of Piazzetta appliances also offers models with a practical oven for cooking. The sight of fire in the kitchen will be fun, lively and joy-bringing for all the family, as they gather around it and let the fire do the cooking while they wait. The oven guarantees healthy cooking also through the anti-condensation valve, which releases any steam that may build up during cooking.

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For perfect comfort in more than one room

The convenience of a pellet appliance lies in its easy regulation using electronic management. The Multicomfort feature enables you to measure the heat level in the room where the remote control is located with its thermostat, and consequently to adjust the flame power so as to reach your ideal set temperature.

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Ducting with the Multifuoco® System

The Multifuoco System® allows you to maintain an even room temperature, thanks to natural convection currents. It avoids the layering of heat near the ceiling and ensures heat at floor level (our feet). Via a simple ducting system, consisting of small-diameter, flexible pipes, you can also heat other rooms in the house, even on different floors.

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Main features

Unit with oven
Multifuoco ducting 16M
Dual power
Remote control LCD
Energy saving
Automatic cleaning
Adjustable air flow
Ash box


External air kit

Available colours

Technical data

P960 F
Energy efficiency class A+
Rated output 3,3 - 11,7 kW
Thermal efficiency 86,9 - 89,7 %
Heatable volume 195 - 335 m³
Pellet consumption 0,8 - 2,6 kg/h
Tank capacity 30 kg
Ø Flue outlet 8 cm

Product weight: 235 kg

Product measures (LxPxH): 63 x 64 x 138

Product sheets

EU Product sheet

Environmental Certifications

Declaration of performance

Energy class label